Shift Up is a female endurance race team whose goal is to help girls and women gain courage and  confidence on whatever road they travel. Using auto racing principles, Shift Up drives to see a generation of women no longer encumbered by the limitations of gender inequality where women and men work together interacting with respect and compassion to stop the myth of gender specific roles that stifle creativity and advancement holding us all back.

We offer leadership programs and motivational speakers targeted to drive the message of courage and confidence to:

  •  Single sex and co-ed school assemblies
  • After school clubs and organizations
  • Women’s club and organizations

After a successful career spanning more than 30 years, founder Lynn Schultz Kehoe has set out to combine her business skills with her hobby of race craft. In a business environment (financial services and real estate) largely dominated by men, Lynn made her way to the top of several organizations. Starting an amateur racing career in 2013, she noted many similarities between her road to success in business and her efforts as a driver both of which required a great deal of courage and confidence.