Shift Up was formed as an educational platform to accelerate confidence in girls and women in business and life skills. Using the analogy and experience of auto sports, Shift Up drives to attract and retain female interest in various auto clubs and organizations helping to pave the way for the future generation of female race car drivers.

We provide Driving and Confidence Building Clinics, ACE
(Auto Care Experience) Car Handling Clinics, and Arrive & Drive Track Mentoring.

After a successful career spanning more than 30 years, founder Lynn Schultz Kehoe has set out to combine her business skills with her hobby of race craft. In a business environment (financial services and real estate) largely dominated by men, Lynn made her way to the top of several organizations. Starting an amateur racing career in 2013, she noted many similarities between her road to success in business and her efforts as a driver. As a result, Shift Up was created, with a motto of “Accelerating Ambition”.